Wednesday, 11 January 2012

SIXTEENTH ENTRY - Boxing Day Rewrite

The Unattended Lessons has recently been undergoing changes.

On Boxing Day, during a morning walk, I rewrote the script.

I made changes to the protagonist's profession, clarified certain important aspects of his relationship with Isolde, and gave the film a rather different feel.

I had been working on these changes for a few weeks, but the day after Christmas things fell into place.

I believe it has been simplified and strengthened.



Again, just like the mistake of making incorrectly proportioned armatures before sculpting, eyeballs should be made properly before anything else.

I found back in the days of Solo Duets that there seems to be no such thing as round glass beads the correct size. They say they are glass, but in reality they are cheap brittle moulded plastic, with a pearl effect coating. And they are the same damned ones you'll find in any shop, just packaged differently.
Has anyone else ever found actual round 4mm glass beads with tiny holes?

And apart from the fact that they are cheap plastic, they flatten around the hole, rather than protrude slightly as I would ideally want.
Trying to sculpting eyelids over a ball that flattens where it should protrude to mimic the eye's lens  is very frustrating.

So although they are ridiculously small, there must be a way to next time sculpt eyeballs the scale and shape I need, and cast them in resin or something.