Friday, 29 July 2016

45th Entry - A Costume Mannequin

With the completion of each new mould, a costume mannequin is produced.  This is the first posable version of Rousseau, and though it is unpainted and hairless, and with blank beads for eyes, it is a step closer towards life.

The cast was made with the original black steel balls fitted to the mould.
These were removed gently, and replaced with white plastic threaded balls.
The eyelids had no bleed over the ball - a perfect cast.

Costume Mannequin. Wire armature with makeshift ball joints
in shoulders. Urethane legs with removable feet. Tinted PlatSil Gel 25 skin

Threaded steel ball, rod and cone (for body piercing)
positioned before pouring the silicone matrix.

First cast from the finished mould. A resin master.
The black steel eyeballs fitted to the mould, behind.

Front of the finished matrix mould,
with a view of the window in the shell for
accessing the cone and rods to unscrew the eyes
before demoulding.
Mould shell: urethane. Mould matrix: platinum silicone.